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Here's a couple of fireworks pics from the 2017 Wotton Under Edge display: HERE

Click HERE to view/download the full res image (approx 39MB) of the view from Greenwich Park across to the city.

Click HERE to view/download the full res image (approx 6MB) of the view from Shepton looking over to Glastonbury Tor. Jan 1st 2018.

Click HERE to view/download the full res image (approx 23000x4500px - 21MB) of Perranporth Beach taken from just in front of The Watering Hole.

Click HERE for the full instructions!

Click HERE for a higher resolution image (approx 66% @ 65000x3200 - 40MB) My first time to climb Cranmore Tower - which I'm told is the highest point in the Mendips. The view is incredible and I'm sure that on a clear day, sunsets/rises or in certain weather conditions this would be an amazing place to visit over an over. The far distance was a little bit lost in the haze today but still made for a nice panoramic. Entry was a nominal couple of pounds and the little cafe was very well priced!
(I recommend the cream tea - climbing the tower will burn off some calories!)

Click HERE for a higher resolution image (50% @ 3236x1080) This is a combination of three of my favourite photos taken at last years lightning storm over Glastonbury (July 19th 2014).

Click HERE for the full collage created for Mr H. Subject: The BIAMF 2014 (12MB)

Click HERE to view a 180 of Lyme Regis taken on May Bank Holiday Monday (7th) 2013. The fog did not lift fully all day and I was lucky enough to get this shot. The image is squashed down to 29000px wide and weighs in at 15MB compressed.

Click HERE for my first 360 of St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall (Sept 15th 2014)
The image is resized and compressed to 23000px wide and weighs in at 21MB.

RIGHT click HERE and choose 'Save link as' (or equivilant) to download a 360 view taken from Glastonbury Tor (Taken end of April 2013). I only took one round of images to make the 360 and got too busy talking to friends in order to retake the frames where people were standing. I apologise to the lady opening her bag - she is not pregnant as the photo may have you believe!
The image is near 300Mp in size and compressed to just 50MB for the web. Browsers still won't open it. (HERE is a pokey little version for them.)
You will probably require a graphic editing program to view the file - I recommend GIMP image editor, it's free and does nearly as much as the grossly expensive photoshop. Windows image viewer however (on 7) has opened the image in preview.

Our Anniversary Day 2013 HERE
(Or click HERE to view actual footage where you will see and hear just how windy it was -
- requires browser with CSS3/HTML5 and Javascript enabled)

Click HERE to view a pic I took of the Somerset Level's flooding on November 25th 2012 with description - different exposure than others I've put online.

This 6MB online version is jpg compressed and reduced to half the original resolution
I can produce professional prints of this image up to 3.5m in length.

Click HERE for another panoramic image I took from Burrow Hill 08/12/2012 - Because the whole image is ridiculously large (over 100,000 pixels wide and more than 3000 high) I've massively reduced the resolution by scaling it to less than a third of the original and used heavy compression due to web browsers 'going broken' when an image is over 30000px wide...but there's still something left to enjoy!

Prints of the full image would be unusual in terms of the aspect ratio of some 40/1. If you would like a print made of any of the stuff I put up here or permission to print a copy for display please contact me

(You may receive an auto response asking to confirm your message is not spam)

I was surprised that some were still looking up my cruddy little WinTheFootball animation - Feelings aren't the same up there at FGR since back then I hear...?
This is all history now but you can still see my cruddy little animation HERE
(It's made with Adobe Crash Flash so you may not be able to view it... sorry :-( it's old)